Recycle, Recycle, Recycle!!!! Your Christmas Tree!

Buying a cut Christmas tree is not only good for the environment…

  • one acre of Christmas trees provide oxygen for 18 people, and since there are about 500,000 acres of Christmas trees planted in the US, this provides oxygen for 9 million people daily!
  • since Christmas trees are young, fast-growing trees they release more oxygen than mature forest trees
  • real Christmas trees absorb carbon dioxide and other harmful “greenhouse” gases and release fresh oxygen into the air.

…they are also are a renewable, recyclable resource. After the holidays, Real trees are chipped into biodegradable mulch, which replenishes soil in landscapes, parks, and schools.  Recycled real Christmas trees can be turned into corrugated packaging compost for gardens or used as mulch along park trails to prevent erosion. Some conservation organizations use recycle trees to create protected habitats for wildlife, such as herons or endangered fish. *

Check with your local waste management office to see how you can recycle your Christmas tree.  Some communities offer to pick up your tree at the curb or offer a place to drop off your tree for recycling purposes.  Or you can just chop up your tree and place them in green waste bin.  Just be sure to remove tinsel, any metal stand, ornaments and lights to help prevent damage to recycling equipment.

*source – “Pacific Northwest Tree Association”


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