Heirloom Tomatoes – Cherokee Heirlooms

My father came over the other day and asked what kind were those ugly looking tomatoes on our counter?  We think these beautiful deep red/purplish and greenish tomatoes are some of the best we’ve ever grown!   As the story goes, Cherokee tomato seeds were given to settlers in America by the Cherokee Indians.

Sliced Cherokee Tomatoes

This year, Mike and I decided to grow only heirloom organic tomatoes, what a wonderful decision this was!

"Ugly" Cherokee Tomatoes

Yes, perhaps they are not the most perfect round tomatoes, but we think they are pretty cool.

Oh, by the way.  the day after we had these sliced gems for dinner with a little chopped basil and slices of smoked mozzarella with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar, my father went out to the local nursery and bought some plants for his garden.  😉


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